Equipment Rental Rates

For details about our rental rates call 646-217-0267, or e-mail

Motion capture rental is the right choice for clients who:

  • Want to reduce the cost of animation
  • Want to increase the quality of realistic animation
  • Have near-term deadlines
  • Want to experience the PhaseSpace system before purchasing

Our studio specializes in the areas of:

  • Feature Films - Looking for high-quality realistic animation? Look no further.
  • Gaming - Our actors can kick, flip, and dance like nothing you've ever seen.
  • Advertising & Pre-viz - Need turn around a few seconds fast? We can do it.
  • Independent Films - Need post-production effects for less, we can do that too.

We offer a variety of locations for your capture needs:

  • Lower East Side
  • Williamsburg (for large performance captures)
  • Remote Captures (allow far-away clients to direct and view capture sessions in real-time over the Internet)


In addition to motion capture rental, motionCAPTUREnyc offers a variety of services to ensure that your project is delivered on time and at the highest standard. motionCAPTUREnyc is a full-service animation studio complete with modelers, character animators, riggers, and rendering capabilities.

Remote Access
Our captures sessions and data can be directed and viewed from multiple angles in real time from anywhere around the world.

Character Modeling and Rigging
All captures require good character rigging. We are professionals at getting your character to move properly and we hire top modelers in the gaming industry.

Top Talent
A great capture depends on great talent. Motion Capture NYC's talent base includes Golden Globe Winners, Emmy Nominees, Broadway actors, SAFD Fight Choreographers, Avant-garde troupes, jugglers, Aerial Artists, NCAA athletes, and professional dance companies including the Complexions Contemporary Ballet and the Pilobulious Dance Theatre.

Project Management Software
It is easy to keep track of key project milestones and communicate with team members using motionCAPTUREnyc's online project management tools.

Animation Studio
Why hire an animator that is unfamiliar with motion capture when we can animate your project for you at a packaged rate?

Motion Capture NYC does consulting work for animation studios, universities, sports training, and the military on a contractual basis.