How much does motion capture cost?

The base cost for motion capture is $4,000 a day plus $20 a second for data solving + re-targeting.

Pricing motion capture is just like pricing the cost of a film; costs depend on the scale of the video, and what services are required. Motion capture needs vary from project to project, clients may need to capture an actor standing and talking to the camera, action like dancing or fighting, some clients even need complete animation production.

Here are our basic motion capture costs:

Studio Space Rental      $1,000 per day
System Rental $1,500 per day
Data Solving                   $10 per character second
Data Re-targeting          $10 per character second
Technical Director         $500
Director                          $500
Video reference             $250
Basic 3D Models            $300

Facial capturing, and a wide range of other needs are also available. When it comes to motion capture, we have handled it all, from motion capturing Elmo, to actors flying 20 feet in the air. 

Once the motion capture is done, some clients use our studio for animation production as well. Here are our animation rates, with sample videos to show the production values of each rate category

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