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DEWcision VR Racing

DEWcision VR Racing lets fans choose their favorite new flavor of Mountain Dew from behind the drivers seat in this new VR experience. Copiloted by one of the drivers of the DEW racing team, including Dale Earnheardt, Jr, players will choose Mtn Dew Pitch Black or Mtn Dew Baja Blast flavors. Two flavors, two unique racing experiences. 

Half marketing, half video game, DEWcision VR Racing transports fans into an immersive racing world where they will get to voice their opinion on which new flavor will stay on store shelves. 

The motionCAPTUREnyc team worked with FirstBorn to create this one of a kind gamified VR racing experience that Dew fans, and racing fans around the globe will loose themselves in.

Be sure to click and drag the video screen in 360 degrees to get the full VR experience, including looking out the windows, and checking in on your copilot!